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Milestone Marker

Milestone Marker

Ok, I just have to say I’m really proud of the work we’ve accomplished in 3.5 months. Relm 5.0 wasn’t even a line of code on Oct 28 of last year, and we’ve now made more than 250 additions and improvements to the codebase:


Not to mention the many MANY worlds Rey has created, in addition to art, prototypes, mockups, ideas and discussions we’ve had. Thanks @Rey, @ChrisRelm, @Brendan, @Hira, @AlexRelm, @avawoolf and @dane!

Some of the things I’m very proud of having achieved in Relm 5.0:

  • Editable 3D HTML labels
  • Embedded youtube videos and 3D web pages
  • Physics engine with colliders and joints
  • The world (each relm) as a shared editable “document”
  • Drag-drop world building library
  • Flexible object primitives editor
  • Very fast rendering (for a browser!)
Fairy Steps
Embedded Video

Needless to say, I’m extremely excited about the next month or so. Milestones that I look forward to include:

1. Portals between relms (this time without reloading!)
2. Multiplayer (shared positional presence)
3. Video bubbles with Hira’s honeycomb algorithm
4. Multiplayer Physics

With the above 4 milestones in place, we’ll be ready for some really cool innovating in virtual locality–how to build community and spiritual-lite practices in a virtual space.