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Podcast with Jared Anderson

Podcast with Jared Anderson

I was recently on a podcast with life coach Jared Anderson, talking about consciousness, online culture, healing, and Relm.

On the show, I mentioned the “Universal Human Needs” document from my wall. This is a synthesis of human needs, gathered from 8 sources:

  • Abraham MaslowPsychologist
  • William GlasserPsychiatrist
  • Manfreed Max-Neef Economist
  • Maria Montessori Scientist & Educator
  • Tony RobbinsMotivational Speaker
  • Paul K. Chappell Peace Advocate
  • Marshall RosenbergPsychologist, Mediator
  • Mark Catchlove Herman Miller Workplace Researcher
Universal Human Needs - Relm Synthesis

Rough draft version:

Initial draft of Universal Human Needs (Relm Synthesis)

Please feel free to use and share with attribution.

I also recommended Designing the Good Life in the podcast, a presentation by Sebastian Deterding: